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event check list

Check List


  • Discuss your project and ideas

  • Settle your needs and desires in line with your possibilities

  • Manage the list of participants, their profile and preferences 

  • Carefully handle travel arrangments (better not to forget a person at the Airpot in the middle of the night)


  • Edit & print the informational materials 

  • Particular focus on logos, colors, and correctness (political, grammatical and stylistic)

  • Develop a communication strategy

  • Reach out to our extended network of journalists for a complex media coverage


  • Identify the best location (our partners will help)

  • Provide the right equipment

  • Take care of meal preference and dietary requirements

  • Don't forget leisure: a catchy local brand, city attractions, rural tourism, wine cellars

  • Prepare some tips for people discovering your country and region 


  • We're proud: the best interpreters and translators are working with us because we value them

  • Our IT partners are awesome

  • We are partnering with excellent moderatos

  • Singers, dancers, and actors needed for the event? Yes, we got it!

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