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Concept and Design Planning

We do not offer services; we offer solutions!  We take care of every detail in organizing training, a conference, a forum, an exhibition or presentation. Trust our 15 years' experience on the market for a service customized to fit your budget and specific needs, so you don't have to worry about a thing. We guarantee your guests will be raving about the event afterward.

Catering and Menu Selection 

Whatever the circumstances, we are here to make your event extra special. This service will help create a beautiful and unique experience for your guests. We offer competitive rates and work with the best vendors and venues in Moldova and abroad. Our expertise and partnerships are solutions to an unforgettable event.


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Event & Project Management! 

The company philosophy comes from an old Latin saying „Age quod agis”.

The meaning? "Do what you are doing!"

Do what you best know in the day by day work. The AQA team gives you this possibility by overtaking the organization of any corporate event. 


It's All in the Details!

"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well."

Lord Chesterfield


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str. Kogălniceanu 51/18 MD-2009 Chișinău - Moldova

+373 22 21 02 35; +373 79 26 79 26; +373 79 56 09 26

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