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Partner of the campaign "Help the children grow up!"

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AQA is a partner of the campaign "Help the children grow up!" launched by the Moldovan association "Fighting Cystic Fibrosis" in September, as part of the ethno-gastronomic festival “Bostaniada”. The campaign was launched with the support of German colleagues from Mukoviszidose e.V, and benefitted from the backing of AQA Event & Project Management, Rotary Club Chisinau Cosmopolitan and the Positive Initiative. The campaign was joined by two Council of Europe associations that promote social projects:  L'Amicale and Entraide-Solidarités
The message of the campaign is that children with cystic fibrosis can grow up like other children. They can become teachers or chefs, artists or athletes, lawyers or… they may choose any other profession. The only thing that distinguishes them from any other children, is that they were born with a modified gene, and require special medication and equipment to clear the lungs and digestive system of the viscous mucus produced by their body. So far, the maximum age reached by a child with cystic fibrosis in Moldova is 25 - 28 years, one of the lowest in Europe. The funds collected through the campaign "Help the children grow up!" will provide children in Moldova some equipment that they lack for home therapy.
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Home / Event management by AQA / Partner of the campaign "Help the children grow up!"
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