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Training on integrated care for drug using inmates in Therapeutic
25.05.2015 - 29.05.2015 A training organized with the objective of creating a common vision and providing adequate working tools in the context of a Therapeutic Community for the professionals in the...
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23.03.2015 Eastern Partnership work program 2012-2013 and 2014-2017
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Restaurant Day "Check IN Moldova!''
16.02.2015 AQA, Rotary Cosmopilitan Chisinau, MDFSA, ANIFC and Luminita Suveica cooked for you. Many thanks to all of you for being a part of this beautiful social project. Your contribution helped us to raise 2700 Lei for the vitamins that will help the Moldovan children living with Cystic Fibrosis to grow...
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Partner of the campaign "Help the children grow up!"
29.12.2014 AQA is a partner of the campaign "Help the children grow up!" launched by the Moldovan association "Fighting Cystic Fibrosis" in September, as part of the ethno-gastronomic festival “Bostaniada”. The campaign was launched with the support of German colleagues from...
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Christmas tree ball
11.12.2014 For the second year in a row AQA partnered with Klumea for the Christmas Tree Ball. The exhibition brought together an impressive collection of Christmas trees, created by students at the Technical University of Moldova, Academy of Music Theatre and Fine Arts and other institutions. Visitors had...
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Bostaniada Ethno-gastronomic festival
28.09.2014 On September 28 AQA was a partner at the third edition of the “Bostaniada” ethno-gastronomic festiva,l  a community effort with social purposes. The festival celebrated autumn crops and the splendor of this season, with a special exhibition of the largest and strangest pumpkins, crafts...
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Diaspora Days in Moldova
26.08.2014 On August 26, in celebration of the Diaspora Days in Moldova, AQA participated in organizing the conference “The Contribution of the Diaspora to the Development of the Country of Origin”. The initiative to organize this conference belongs to a group of Moldovan diaspora youth. The purpose was...
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DARE Social Fashion Show
16.08.2014 AQA was a partner and co-sponsor of the event DARE Social Fashion Show, which took place on August 16. This was the first fashion charity event in Moldova, dedicated to women with mobility impairments and incurable diseases. DARE Social Fashion Show brought together over 500 guests who were the...
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"The bright color of a good cause"
01.08.2014 AQA is a partner of the campaign "The bright color of a good cause" launched on August 1st. The campaign was initiated by the organization “Initiativa Pozitiva” to support the fight against HIV/AIDS, which affects over 16,000 people in Moldova, and to raise awareness about this...
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Regional Forum on healthcare and human rights of people who use drugs
19.05.2014 - 20.05.2014 On May 19 - 20, 2014 for the first time Chisinau  hosted a high level Regional Forum on healthcare and human rights of people who use drugs attended by over 150 people from Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA). Participants of the Forum were welcomed by Mrs Margareta Timofti, the First Lady of...
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